CBD-rich and USDA compliant Cherry Bombs!

Hempyre Farms was established in 2018, from the vision and determination of Choctaw native Ryan Early and supported by his wife and children. Walking through the trees, Early closed his eyes and began envisioning what has since become a 10-acre farm of high-quality CBD rich hemp plants. Early originally helped to author OK HB2913 which ultimately made this history-making operation possible.

Hempyre Farms sits on historic land that made it highly desirable for fulfilling Early’s vision due to it being an original homestead from the Oklahoma Land Run. The property is rich with natural springs and artisan wells which feed the farm from a 300’ deep aquifer and the rich and clean soil made for wonderful outdoor farming conditions. To ensure the finest results, all staff members must follow strict farming protocols and all data derived from the operation is recorded under Hempyre Genetics’ advanced research program in order to improve the process over the coming years. This will not only offer new genetics to the U.S. market, but also benefits farmers everywhere by documenting what works and what doesn’t. This helps farmers know where to grow and what the plants need to thrive to become quality CBD-rich hemp. Our mission is known as #ProjectHempForVictory – which celebrates the coming end of prohibition of such a versatile plant.

Hempyre Genetics is dedicated to complying with all state and federal hemp regulations. We have fully developed a strain called “Cherry Cherry” which falls under the new .3% USDA interim final hemp rule. “Cherry Cherry” was originally developed by 4G farms in Berthoud CO, to which Early was a founding member of. Hempyre further stabilized the genetic to the 4th generation allowing the strain to consistently test below .3% THC while producing a terpene-rich, high CBD yielding flower. We are now excited to introduce you to our latest pride and joy; CBD-rich and USDA compliant… Cherry Bombs!